Photoshop 1

Tutorials for Touch-ups for higher marks

The textbook shows you some basic methods, but here is a link for 4 more advanced methods.

Read and do all assignments in Chapters 1-5 of Classroom in A Book

Tools I'm looking for:

  • Multiple Layers

  • Adjustment Layers

  • Applying a gradient to a layer

  • Applying a layer style

  • Updating layer effects

  • Adding a border

  • Different Layers of Text with Colours, Fonts and layer styles

Project 2  

Make a project that demonstrates the tools and methods you've learned in the first 5 Chapters.

It can be whatever you find interesting. A website logo, a poster for your band, an advertisement for your parent's business... whatever interests you.

Project 1-Touch up two photos

Take the two pictures I provided with the textbook files or above link and make them look better using the tools you've learned.

Tools I'm looking for:


  • Repairing areas with the Clone Stamp tool

  • Using the Healing Brush tools to remove blemishes

  • Applying surface blur

  • Adjusting skin tones