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Intro Sensor Challenges

6-Motion Sensor Steering

-Making LEFT TURNS  have your robot drive to all four corners of the 4x4 maze using ONLY the motion sensor (Wave your hand in front of it).

motion sensor

Here is Mr. Tyrrell's page where he writes down things that he is learning about Mindstorms.

Sensor RandB

Have your robot tell the difference between Red and Blue

9-The Maze

Using at least 2 different sensors, within 45 seconds, you must steer your robot through the maze WITHOUT TOUCHING any of the lines. 

Video must be shot from above.

10-Colour Sensor Drive

When your robot drives forward, towards a red line, it must back up 3 rotations and then drive towards the line again, at least 3 times.

Advanced Challenges

Box Escape

Mr. Tyrrell  will place your robot randomly anywhere inside a 5x5 box made of 2x4's. 
Somewhere, there will be a gap in the 2x4's. WITHOUT TOUCHING THE SIDES, your robot needs to drive out of the box.

Lift the weight

Design a way to lift a 1kg weight 1 metre in height.

Follow the Line

Program your robot to follow the green line from start to finish. 
This video might help

Move green item to square

Your robot needs to find the green item, then move it into a square.

7-Colour Sensor 

Seek & Destroy

Touch Sensor Wall Challenge

Two boards will be placed 3 feet apart. Have robot drive  between the two boards. When it hits a board it must reverse and go towards the other board. The robot must go back and forth 6 times.

8-Colour Sensor Steering

-Making RIGHT TURNS  have your robot drive to all four corners of the 4x4 maze using ONLY the touch sensor (with your hands)

NOTE: Set up Mindstorms right after you get your bin and before you start building any robot.

Maze Race!!!

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